Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Increase Your Sales With Advertising Blimps

You're probably thinking how you can increase the sales of your business when there are so many competitors around you. Well, the answer is very simple: outdoor advertising. Advertising blimps, advertising spheres, or custom inflatables increase your company's visibility and make it stand out from other businesses. Advertising blimps can be seen from great distances, so your customers will have no problem finding your location. Even more importantly, using advertising blimps or custom inflatables attracts new customers, so that means your sales will increase.

Think about the last time you were driving along and saw an advertising blimp high above in the sky. You probably weren't even sure which type of blimp you saw, but you were sure it was a blimp and you noticed it. From restaurants to karate studios, from banks to hair salons, or whatever your business, a custom advertising blimp serves a valuable role.

Advertising balloons are simply proven to be the most cost effective way of advertising in crowded cities, especially when you have a visibility problem. Our blimps and inflatables are custom-made according to your needs and preferences, and the costs are accessible even for the smallest advertising budgets. Advertising balloons placed right above your store could make a huge impact on all potential customers that are driving nearby as they attract their attention.

California Blimps' remote controlled airships are also a perfect choice for exhibition fairs, inaugurations, sporting events, etc. They are 100% safe and always become the center of attention!

Outdoor advertising is also suitable for special events like grand openings, giant clearance sales, festivals and parades. The bigger the advertising balloon, the more people will be attracted by the advertised event or business. And even though advertising inflatables are huge, prices are very reasonable.

About California Blimps

California Blimps is the #1 manufacturer of helium-filled 100% nylon advertising blimps, spheres and inflatables. We will beat any price. Most other blimp companies, if not all, use PVC (poly vinyl-coated garbage fabric) or ripstop nylon, which are produced mostly overseas. We are the manufacturer, and we will save you money. All California Blimps products are proudly made at our own facility in California, and all materials are produced in the U.S.A.