Friday, July 15, 2011

Nylon vs. PVC Material

Here's the deal...

Most advertising blimps are made using either a heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon material or a PVC plastic material.

To understand the strengths and differences between the two materials, we will compare the materials to other popular consumer goods.

The nylon material, which California Blimps uses, is a coated fabric that can be compared to punching bag material. This material is durable and can stand up to indoor and outdoor conditions. Our nylon blimps, along with our special aerodynamic shape, ensure a smooth and steady flight while the blimp is in the air. Advertising blimps made of nylon material typically have a longer life span and are more versatile than blimps made of PVC material.

The PVC material is the same material used to make pool toys. It is a thin plastic material that is lightweight and causes a blimp to fly erratically. Blimps using PVC material do not fly well outdoors and typically have a shorter life span than the nylon blimps. The PVC blimp are cheaper than the nylon blimps, but so is the blimp itself. Remember: you get what you pay for.

Ripstop Nylon: It is misleading to the buyers. Ripstop nylon blimps are being made overseas. The material is not 100% Nylon. This is the material we, California Blimps, use for the fins of our blimps. It is no different than the PVC material.

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